A short film about One Small Bird at the RAH.

An exciting 30-minute show with 7 songs, narrative poems, orchestral parts and powerpoint backdrop

A Song Cycle for Schools about the journey of a small bird from Shetland to Peru!

“One Small Bird” has been performed to acclaim at the Royal Albert Hall, London (2016) and Sands Centre, Carlisle (2017) with large choirs, full orchestra and jazz band. For the next two performances we have rearranged the music for smaller orchestra and piano combo. We are happy to personalise the cycle for various settings to suit the resources you have to hand.

Please get in touch if yourheged bird cutout2 copy would like to perform it.



“The children’s understanding of the natural world and other places in the world outside of our inner-city environment has been greatly enhanced by this beautiful project which has allowed them to connect with nature in an immersive manner”.

Siobhan Barry, Assistant Headteacher, Tiverton Primary school.

“These songs have caught the children’s imaginations and given them new knowledge and appreciation of the amazing events happening in nature. 

It seems that music can be a powerful catalyst for learning about all sorts of things out of our usual orbit.”

Laura Parfitt, singing teacher, Weston Park Primary School, London

“The One Small Bird is absolutely beautiful – the orchestration, the opportunity for the children to sing in a choir with that beautiful orchestration. i think it is lovely that there are sections of the music where they are not singing, and just listen and wait for the cue to come back in. I think it is going to be a totally different experience from some of the other singing they have done.”

Graham Frost, Headteacher, Robert Ferguson Primary School, Carlisle


“The music makes me feel like I am the bird.”

Sasha, Yr 5, Clifton Primary School, Penrith

“The bird is like a gift showing us that small things can do so much in their lifetime.
The music makes you believe the story, it is so powerful and has such a distinctive story behind it that’s true. It’s about a small bird that’s doing it’s best and trying to achieve it’s goal, and eventually it does”.

Lorna, Yr 5 Rokesly Primary

“This bird has shown me a new perspective on the word “impossible”.

Talia, Yr 6 Rokesly Primary

“I liked watching the birds flocking together in the sky, like a team, like best friends protecting each other. They moved like a wave and made such beautiful shapes, it opened my heart”

Asmaa, Yr 5, Tiverton Primary

“It makes me think that no matter what your size, if you have courage you can do anything you want”.

Aisha, Yr 5, Tiverton Primary

“I think it’s amazing that a such a small bird can fly so far and achieve so much”.

Oscar, yr 6, Rokesly Primary